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To restore life, health and peace to indigenous farmers and nomadic pastoralists in nigeria through the settlement of pastoralists onto protected, ecologically sound grazing reserves with healthcare and schools provided for their families.

Tempus Fugit! Time Flies!

Tempus Fugit! Time Flies!


This is so true!  And time has never flown so fast as during these past, few days in Seattle, spent with family and friends. 


Shane and I arrived into town on the 15th of December, shopped furiously for Christmas gifts then celebrated Jesus’ Birthday at my daughter Fiona’s house with Chelsea, Dave, Shane, the twins – Emma and Amelia – and Nora. Fiona was a wonderful hostess – the day and the food were perfect!

Fiona’s birthday and Nora’s birthday were duly celebrated on the 26th and 29th of December, while New Year’s Day was spent at the movies, (Ralph Breaks the Internet,) at Ivar’s for clam chowder, delicious salmon and garlic mashed potatoes, then back at our BnB where we played our family’s favorite card game, Shanghaii!  Fiona won, Shane came in second and I was last!  I don’t know HOW that happened! 


There’s nothing better than pulling into the Seattle First Free Methodist Church parking lot and being greeted with a big hug by Arnie Brann!  Some things never change and never, ever get old!  Worshiping at my home church and touching base with my peeps and with Pastors Matt Poole, David Hicks and Mark Abbott is wonderful. I’ve also been able to visit with my dear friends Betty and Buzz in Lynnwood, Anne and Jim Barnhart on Vashon Island, Rev Mike Henry and Andy Yardy, just to name a few.  Today I had lunch in Edmonds with my two sisters, Jo Lewis and Laura Noble.  The time flew by way too quickly. 

Now only six days left till I must leave this beautiful city, my family and friends, and head back to work! 

Two exciting events are coming up fast, beginning on January 15th, when two missionaries from Action International Ministries arrive in Nigeria for a ten-day visit of our work.  Their visit will include training of thirty-seven Free Methodist pastors working in the new, Northern Nigeria Provisional Annual Conference.  The second event is a six-week mission trip by our three teachers, Carol Barrett, Judy Hildebrand and Jan Novak.  These three women conducted reading workshops last year for teachers in the Bobi and Kachia reserves, and this year will continue their teaching, adding teachers from Rivers and Kogi State as well. 

And this is just the beginning!  We look forward to building two more schools on the Bobi reserve, and to repair the two failed dams on Bobi and Kachia resesrves.  If all goes as expected, we’ll work with the Niger State government in dividing land between farmers and herdsmen, setting up paddocks and overseeing rotational grazing.  It may be that Holistic Land and Livestock Management will be introduced on at least three additional grazing reserves in this coming year.  

Thank you all for your great partnership and strong support this past year.  Because of you, the year ended very well. Thank you too for the prospect of another great year to come!

Phyllis Sortor and Shane Verschelden

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