our mission:

To restore life, health and peace to indigenous farmers and nomadic pastoralists in nigeria through the settlement of pastoralists onto protected, ecologically sound grazing reserves with healthcare and schools provided for their families.

5 News-bites to start off your day!

  1. Good Morning from SeaTac Airport where in just a few hours Shane and Phyllis will fly off to Abuja for the next chapter in the story!

  2. Along with these two goes a load of elementary-level story books donated to our grazing reserve schools by Larry and Judy Hildebrant. Thank you so much on behalf of the children!

  3. Speaking of books, if you would like to order any or all of Phyllis' books, Kidnapping Of An American Missionary, A Look Over My Shoulder and Never Yet Forsaken, please send her a quick email at phyl.sortor@gmail.com

  4. As of today, $30,000 of the $45,000 needed to build the two new schools and a maternity clinic on Bobi Grazing Reserve has been raised! We are so thankful for all of your support!

  5. Remember, our mission among the Fulani is to bring peace through the provision of those things every human being on the planet has a right to expect: a land of their own and grazing solutions, water for humans and animals, enough food for their families, schools and healthcare for women and children.

Have a wonderful week; next news will be from Abuja on Monday! 

Phyllis Sortor

Judy teaching a reading workshop on Kachia Reserve

Judy teaching a reading workshop on Kachia Reserve

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