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our mission:

To restore life, health and peace to indigenous farmers and nomadic pastoralists in nigeria through the settlement of pastoralists onto protected, ecologically sound grazing reserves with healthcare and schools provided for their families.

Reserve Locations

Bobi Reserve in Niger State is located in Northwest Nigeria, 74,680 acres, has a total of 2,800 Fulani herdsmen and 4,000 cows.  There is one primary school and no clinic on the reserve.  Deaths due to clashes between farmers and herdsmen cannot be accurately reported due to different data from security agencies but is reportedly high; maternal and infant mortality is also reported as high.   

Kachia Reserve, located in Kaduna State, Central Nigeria, 187,800 acres, has 43,000 Fulani, 30,000 cows, 20 primary schools and no clinics. In 2016, 139 herdsmen lost their lives due to violence and 140 babies died.  Kachia Reserve Images

Garbagal Reserve in Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria, 19,768 acres, has a population of 1,600 Fulani.  There are 2,000 cows, no primary schools and no clinics.  There is no information at present on deaths due to clashes or illness on the reserve.  Garbagal Reserve has many challenges:  no grass due to years of overgrazing and encroaching herds from neighboring states, even countries.

The Solution is HEALTHCARE

Physical Set-up of the Reserves